Senggarang Floating Village Tour
Blue Lake and Mini Desert

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Senggarang Floating Village Tour and Blue Lake & Mini Desert Tour.
Tour of  Senggarang village will take you to walk past rows of traditional wooden houses built on stilts above the water and catch a glimpse of the life of the chinese who have lived here for hundreds of years. The people are friendly and practice ancient customs.
According to history, Senggarang village is an old settlement, which was built by chinese community of the Teow Chew tribe in the 18th century around 1722. Senggarang is witness to the history of ancient people’s relics such as the temples and the house of the chinese captain Chiao Chen.
In Senggarang village, explore the two oldest temples of Bintan namely the Dharma Sasana and Banyan Tree. Within the Vihara Dharma Sasana area there are three 300 years old temples built by immigrants from mainland China as a thank you for a safe journey over the sea. The three temples are Fu De Zheng Shen, Tian Hou Sheng Mu and Yuan Tien Shang.
Vihara Banyan Tree or Tien Shang Miao Temple is the former home of the chinese captain Chiao Chen. Observing the inscription emblazoned on the signboard of this temple has been around since 1811. The house was abandoned by the owner and was not used, then the people around it made it a house of worship.
Uniquely, most of the roofs and buildings of the Tien Shang Miao Temple are covered with the roots of large banyan trees that grow around the temple.
Senggarang floating village is an interesting community built on sea water. Different view of metro city. The variety of traditional markets here really pampers your senses. Freshly caught fish, local fruits and vegetables, dried seafood products and other snacks are on display. There are crackers, various types of prawn or fish flavored crackers.
Bintan Desert & Blue Lake Tour
Maybe you are curious about the discovery of the Bintan desert with a blue lake in one of its areas.
Initially this area was used as a sand mining site and was stopped by the local government so it was abandoned and left for a long time.
Miraculously, the area turned into mounds that seemed to have formed naturally, like the desert of the Middle East. The sand in this area has a fine white colors so it looks very beautiful like the Sahara desert.
Having been neglected for decades, some of the sand mining areas are in the form of deep basins. So that the basins gradually filled with rainwater and turned into blue lake.
This mysterious event makes the former sand mining area look like a desert with an Oasis in the middle.
The views will be more spectacular in the afternoon, when the weather is quite clear and the sun is about to set. The charming sunset views of desert and blue lake make the atmosphere feel so romantic, definitely an unforgettable  moment during your visit to Bintan  desert.
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