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Bintan Mangrove Day Tour
The trip along the river by speed boat takes about an hour, you will treated to beautiful views of the mangrove forest on the riverbank. This mangrove forest is devided by a winding river 6.8 km long,  namely the Sebong River, whose water is clear and the mangrove forest is green.
You will feel involved in exploring to find and get to know the benefits of mangrove forest, one of which is the habitat of various types of animals.
By riding a speedboat down the river you will enjoy an adventurous experience in the middle of the forest. You will hear monkey sounds that will make you look for them. Look around, the mangroves are thriving, the air is cool and effective for relaxing in nature.
You’ll see the enique roots of various mangrove trees whick protect the beach from erosion and water waves flowing in the Sebong River. The roots of mangrove forest are also home to life such as crabs, snails,  clams, shrimp, fish, mud skipper and many more.
The mangrove population creates a comfortable habitat for macaques and silver leaf mankeys, monitor lizards and mangrove snakes.
Becareful because the mangrove snakes, a species of snake that is black with yellow stripes, is sleeping and usually spends the whole day just wrapped around the branches of the mangrove forest.
If you are lucky you can meet colorful kingfisher birds. It only appears at low tide, namely when hunting flocks of birds of prey for shrimp and fish.
In the mangrove forest tour you can see fishermen’s huts, a charcoal kiln is a location for making charcoal that has existed for more than a century.
Before the end of the river, the tour guide will share about the plants used to weave mats and the fruits from the nipah palm tree which is used as local sweets and drinks.

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