Bintan Safari Lagoi & Eco Farm Tour

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Bintan Safari Lagoi & Eco Farm Tour
Safari lagoi and Eco Farm are famous family tourist attractions at Bintan Resort. Enliven your trip by inviting your friends and family. The existence of Safari Lagoi further complements the choice of tourist destinations and is a means of healthy, natural and educational family entertainment in Bintan.
Safari Lagoi offers your family the opportunity to meet rare and endangered animals such as elephant, komodo, orangutan, gibbon, eagle, peacock, cassowary, slow loriss, ostrich, tiger, turtles, snake, crocodile, bear, deer, rabbit, horse, bird, etc.
Safari Lagoi works tirelessly to presserve this magnificent fauna from the animal trade, illegal pets or disease/injury that is treated back to health.
City dwellers and nature lovers will be enchanted by the fauna on this Safari.
Let children meet for direct interaction with these majestic creatures, as these personal encounters are a valuable learning experience for understanding why protecting the environtment is so important.
Eco Farm
Complete your family tour by taking a walk at the Eco Farm which makes you feel like you are in a tropical garden where therd are various plants ranging from crops, various types of flowers and several types of perennials.
Several types of tropical plants that you can find at Eco Farm such as papaya, banana, peanut, tomato, dragon fruit, corn, long bean, soup leaf, strawberry etc.
Don’t forget to bring a camera and capture views of the sunflowers and lavender which are also cultivated here.
Besides that, you can also find stingless beefarm and produce pure natural honey which is very good for human health.
At the end of the tour, you can enjoy Rosella tea and natural Trigona honey which is harvested from this farm.

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